UN-Kairos by Adya Jhunjhunwala


by- Adya Jhunjhunwala

UN-Kairos by Adya Jhunjhunwala. Adya’s poetry is a testament to the power of thought and expression. It not only captures the essence of her experience, but also provides a space for readers going through similar transitions to gain understanding and support. In her words, it shows new beginnings and the relationship between human relationships and the renewal of the human heart and goodbyes.

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About Author-Adya Jhunjhunwala

Adya, a remarkable Grade 12 student, possesses a quiet strength that radiates through her gentle demeanour. Despite her soft-spoken nature, her impact is profound and resonates with everyone.
One of her most admirable qualities is her genuine consideration for others. She approaches every interaction with kindness and empathy, making it a point to understand the perspectives and feelings of those she interacts with. This innate ability to truly listen and connect fosters meaningful relationships and creates a sense of comfort for her friends and acquaintances.
In a world often driven by noise and haste, Adya’s soft-spoken strength, dedication, and kindness are like a beacon of authenticity, reminding us all of the importance of embracing our true selves and connecting with others in a meaningful way.