Paper to Screen-The Future of Education

Paper to Screen-The Future of Education

Author- Prof. Vikas Singh

Move for School and University from Classroom to Online, Tips for Techer, Student & Parents during CoronaVirus Times

  • Willing to quickly shift to online education and do not know how?
  • Not happy with your online persona and want to improve?
  • How a parent can facilitate learning environment at home?
The process to shift to online education is very simple. Just read this book. It will give you the necessary tips.

This book is written in very simple language to help find answer to these questions and more. Only a few teachers were involved in online teaching in both K12 and higher education before Coronavirus pandemic. Teachers who have only taught in the classrooms using chalk and talk method are now finding this transition to online teaching to be a daunting task. Academic administrators and university leaders are finding it difficult to assure quality of teaching and use online assessment tools to measure learning attainment. Parents are also on the same boat of discomfort and anxiety as they have never experienced their kids to study at home for hours using screen and not papers. This book has tips and actionable points for smooth transition to online teaching from regular brick and mortar classrooms.

This book is for every teacher, academic administrator, student and parent willing to shift to online education!!

  • In LanguageEnglish
  • GenreEducation
  • Date Published 16th April 2020
  • Publisher Book Bazooka Publication
  • ISBN978-93-86895-86-8
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