Ram Singh Kalra by Ram Singh Kalra

Ram Singh Kalra

A Sikh of the Two Countries

Author- Ram Singh Kalra

Not all stories are always real but there are many that when you hear, you simply don't believe on that. It's because you believe in what you are grounded to accept. You have your preset limits to let your mind believe and not believe.
But my dear friends there are some stories which are more real than you have heard about. These stories are real history, yes! I am calling it real because these are not scriptures or documents which are telling you to believe what is written in those.
Now, what I am about to reveal here in this book is all about "Ram Singh Kalra" but it's not just an Autobiography of a man who had struggles and a long journey of miserable incidents, but also it is a well-compiled experience of someone’s life which is going to guide all those who is reading about him.
No, you will not find this name in any history book or Wikipedia because this name is the living Legend who has a lot to say.