Fail to Succeed by Mayank Sachdeva

Fail to Succeed

Author- Mayank Sachdeva

This book is for every individual who is looking forward to turning their vision into reality, In a rat race, 98% of the people forget the power of human brain and moreover power of visualisation. According to me everyone is blessed with some talent. For God every child is equal. In order to find that talent we have to learn, evolve and train our brains to stay dedicated. Being consistent, I was never in the favour of plan B, I hate plan B.I hate plan B because there are many people who would cast doubt on your capabilities, stating that, No you can’t do it. Self doubt is very dangerous as you start making a contingency plan. Post that, you become relaxed as you know you have something to fallback upon. When you have plan B then you start putting the energy of plan A into plan B. In my opinion one should be fully committed to his goals. It is ok to fail because you will gain experience from failure. Failure has changed my perception of achievement. I underwent three brain surgeries, but I still believe, Setbacks can’t stop you for. A COMEBACK after a FAILURE, Analyze what went wrong, Understand why you lost What were the reasons? Then start afresh. Everything will be different the power of EXPERINCE. I believe, there is no such thing as a bad experience but there are experiences which you don’t like.