B.A. Honours, Novel, English by Vikas Singh Gautam

B.A. Honours

Story of the Campus

Author- Vikas Singh Gautam
Translation Team- Akshita Sharma, Ritoo, Jayasmita Dey, Pooja Thakran, Tannu Ahlawat

In the enchanting prologue of this book B.A. Honours-Story of the Campus, we embark on a journey alongside students, who step into the hallowed halls of the university, carrying with them the dreams woven in the tapestry of their homes. Yet, the big question is: when do these dreams undergo a transformation? This captivating story unfolds over the course of three eventful years, allowing us to witness the evolution that takes place.
The objective of a university transcends mere academia; it extends a grand stage for metamorphosis. It isn't just about moulding students into diligent learners; it's a tapestry of experience that embroiders the fabric of society itself. The campus, where the aroma of tea mingles with the symphony of diverse dialogues, becomes a veritable nexus of unity in the midst of different perspectives and backgrounds: where even some wise elder scholars are fondly referred to as 'Baba.’ This narrative attempts to shed light on how these discussions sometimes touch upon political and societal matters amidst sips of tea.
Within these pages, characters like Prakash, Rajan, and Sanjeev come alive, showcasing the path of students who start their graduation journey with big ambitions, only to find those dreams evolving as they navigate through the years. Furthermore, the book delves into the impact of student politics and how it shapes experiences of newcomer students to the university. Each facet of this journey is carefully woven into a relatable story, making it easier for everyone to grasp.
As you delve into the reading, it's likely you'll find yourself reminiscing about your own early college days. The pages aim to establish a connection, igniting nostalgia for your own graduation journey. With optimism, we anticipate that this novel will captivate your interest and make you resonate with the experiences of the author.

    Translation Team
  • Akshita Sharma, BA(H) English, Daulat Ram College, MA English, Delhi University
  • Ritoo, BA(H) and MA-IP College, Delhi University, MPhil- Jawaharlal Nehru University
  • Jayasmita Dey, BA, Daulat Ram College, Delhi University
  • Pooja Thakran, IP College, Delhi University
  • Tannu Ahlawat, Miranda House, Delhi University

About the Author Vikas Singh Gautam

Born in Uttar Pradesh, Vikas Singh Gautam is a young writer and a research scholar at Jawaharlal Nehru University. He completed his schooling up to the 12th grade in Bijnor. After that, he pursued a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy from Hindu College, Delhi University, followed by a Master's degree (Sociology) and a Master's degree (Philosophy) from Hindu College, Delhi University respectively. He successfully cleared the National Eligibility Test (NET) in both Sociology and Philosophy. Remaining actively engaged in social issues since his graduation, he possesses a deep understanding of student politics. His articles frequently appear in newspapers and magazines. His short stories on social media have gained substantial popularity among students from all universities in Delhi. There is also a considerable demand for his novels from readers. It is hoped that you will love this novel just as much as per the readers' demand.